Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wimsey's Blog: Diary of a Manhattan Bloodhound

June 28, 2007
Hello everyone it’s me, Wimsey. I know that it is unusual for me to post on a Thursday, but I have been tagged by I am to provide 7 random facts about myself that people don’t already know. Now this presents something of a challenge, as those of you who read my diary can see that my life is an open book (preferably one by Proust or Shakespeare or even Newton’s Principia). So I now find myself forced into the shocking and startling revelations of (thunderclap, please): How I, Wimsey, am like the Tudors:
1. I am like Henry VII because I too am an ambitious ruler of my kingdom eager to expand
my empire
2. I am like Henry VIII because I also have an eye for the ladies (although I prefer them with their heads attached)
3. I am like Henry VIII (again) because we are both intensely musical and relish public performances of our art
4. I am like Edward VI because I too live in the shadow of a much larger and powerful father—in my case that ultra macho rambunctious Hound, Stetson of Ramsey Creek.
5. I am like Mary Tudor because she was half Spanish and I too can speak Spanish--
“Me llamo Wimsey, El Sabueso Grande”
6. Now we come to my favorite Tudor, Elizabeth I (lovely name, don’t you think?): I am like Elizabeth because we are both stunning redheads
7. I am also like Elizabeth I because I share her much admired, imperious ability to get people to do what I want when I want it (of course the consequences of disobedience in her case were a little more serious, but we both still rely heavily on our extensive reservoirs of charm)
So there you have it--the shocking, amazing and unvarnished truth. OK. Now back to writing my diary.
Wimsey I His most gracious majesty, King of the Upper West Side (and all other territories within marking distance).


Sophie Brador said...

Wimsey I, As a Canadian and former colonist, I must concur with all of your claims. You are indeed, Tudoresque.

Asta said...

Sophie suggested I come see your're a gorgeous hound and we have something in common, come see my posting ,heheheh
smoochie kisses